The 7 essential keys to turn your web visitors into clients.



How do you turn your web passers by into actual leads?

Here are the 7 essential keys to your website success.

The best salespeople know that the single biggest factor in obtaining a client is the element of TRUST. This is true for every type of sales process - in person, over the phone and yes, even for your website.

You have to make sure that your website does more than just tell people what you do, it has to make them trust you enough to engage with you. We can discuss the types of client engagement and how to move from one stage to another in another blog.

Today let’s focus on gaining their trust at the entry point, which is your website.

Can you believe that the average conversion is only 1.6 percent?

Essential key #7 -  Get them to the front door!

What if the majority of the visitors on your website aren’t even looking for you? Make sure that the people who visit your website are looking for your solutions.

What drives traffic to your website are ads and SEO tags - these tell the search engines and customers about your products or services. When everything is set up correctly, the people who are looking for you will find your website right away. This way you are making sure that your ideal clients are who is coming to the front door, which in this digital era is your website.  

Making sure your visitors are already looking for your solutions is the first step in building trust with your ideal client.

Essential key #6 - Marketing is like dating

Dress up right! This is your first meeting with this particular customer, so, just like when meeting someone you are interested in for the first time. Even if you represent a multimillion dollar company, the person you are interacting with is an individual, and they need to be treated as an individual.

When someone visits your website you have 2.1 seconds to impress them enough to get them to stay on your website. This 2.1 seconds has to be relevant to their expectations. When a 60 year old woman is looking for a specific service or product, a website geared to 25 year olds will not appeal to her. Every client type (based on age, income and interest) has different expectations and you as a service or product provider have to meet those expectations.

These expectations are about the colours you use on your website, about the wording you use to welcome them to your front page and about the general look and feel of the site. This also includes the type of navigation you choose and the amount of information you include. As a general rule, baby boomers like to see a lot more text than millenials. If your website caters to both, you need to make sure to include easy to navigate images which can expand to show more information to those who need more.

Making your visitors comfortable on your company’s website in the first few seconds of their visit is the second step in building their trust in order to convert them into a customer.

Essential key #5 - Go beyond the first impression

Let’s say you got their attention and they stayed on the front page beyond the first few seconds. This is already a small success. How do you keep their attention long enough to establish a deeper relationship?

This is when you should give them a reason to trust your company.

You can show them some social proof, by sharing comments from satisfied customers who are just like them. It is important that your potential clients identify with the people whose testimonials they are reading. These testimonials have to be compelling and convincing, so make sure they don’t sound fake or overly complimentary.

Alternatively you can share your expertise. An important element of trust is gaining their faith in your abilities to solve their problem, and every product or service solves a specific problem. Here you can share your experts’ education, experience or  achievements in a related field in a way that would make them trust your company.

Convincing your visitors of your ability and expertise is essential to them engaging you instead of a competitor to solve this problem.

Essential key #4 - Direct their experience

Your goal for the first visit on your website is getting something from the customer. Sometimes the goal is the booking of an appointment, sometimes it is booking a complimentary session or even just getting their email address so that you have a chance to interact with them in the future.

When someone visits your company website for the first time it is imperative that their experience is smooth and seamless. Your home page should have a clearly defined goal - this means a booking link or  a sign up form. Every part of the page needs to be directing the visitor in a more or less subtle way to take whatever action needs to be taken for you to move to the next step.

You know that first you have to get their attention, then you have to gain their trust either with social proof or with expertise, then ask them to engage with a form.

This is the first time you ask for their contact info, so make sure it is clean and seamless.

Essential key #3 - Don’t be too pushy

Engaging a new customer for the first time is a delicate dance. You have to be direct and ask for what you want (appointment, email address etc) but you cannot be too pushy.

Many websites make the mistake of asking for the customers information in an overly pushy way which has the opposite effect of breaking trust. It is ok to have a popup asking for their email address one more time before they leave, but having several ways demanding their engagement in a pushy way is certain to break their trust. After all if you have to ask this many times for their info, you give the impression of being desperate. We all know what it is like to have someone ask for a date in a desperate way, it is not pleasant and it is unlikely to get them the phone number they seek.

Building trust is a process, if they are not ready to give you their contact info the first time you ask, don’t cross the line. Rather than being too demanding, give your visitors more compelling reasons to trust you and engage with you.

Essential key #2 - Build trust every step of the way

As the visitor peruses your home page, you will have many opportunities to create rapport with them and to earn their trust.

This is where you do not want to come off as a huge, faceless company but as a trusted friend whose biggest priority is helping them out. This is how you will be able to show them that they are your number one priority and there is no greater way to build trust than to show the potential client how much their success means to you. This can be done for small companies and for large corporations, keeping in mind that trust and care are the most important things to your customers.

Another thing to keep in mind is to keep building on that trust. Here, on the front page of your website you are taking the first steps in building trust, but you have to remember that this trust cannot be broken. Every interaction with the client needs to continue to nurture and build on this initial trust.

That does not mean you cannot make mistakes, but it does change the way you would deal with solving those mistakes.

Every step of the way, your customers have to feel valuable and cared for. They have to understand that they put their trust in a worthy ally who is there for them.

Essential key #1 - Charm them with a gift  

Even if you follow all of the keys above and execute all of the items listed perfectly, it might be tough to gain enough trust in the first few minutes someone is on your page to get them to setup an appointment or give you their email address.

You have to remember that if they leave your website without giving you their contact information it is unlikely that they will ever return. Most people just move on. If you do not charm them enough in a few minutes, if the phone rings or their baby starts crying this lead is as good as lost…. unless…

Unless you give them a really good reason to return or to sign up right away.

I am talking about a gift, but not just any gift.

Many companies offer 10%, 20% or 30% off - that is nice for people who already know and trust you, but often that is not enough for visitors. In order to redeem this type of gift they would have to give you some of their hard earned money and that is the key goal of this whole process.

Sometimes, in order to gain enough trust for them to buy from you, you have to give them something completely free, with no strings attached. The best gifts are ones which contain real, valuable insights that can be implemented right away to better your visitors life. If you create this type of gift the whole relationship dynamic changes because then they get something valuable without giving you anything in return.

A free gift with useful tools which can be implemented right away is a great start to a beautiful relationship.

I hope you enjoyed these 7 essential keys to turning your web passers by into actual leads. The most important thing is to make sure that every interaction with your potential clients is trust building. Once you have their trust, they will be ready to buy from you.

Of course there are many more elements to successful digital marketing, and we will be covering many of them in our blog. In the meantime, do not underestimate the power of hiring a marketing strategist to analyze, clean up and streamline your online presence today.